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Mexican Birthday Party

You know you are at a serious Mexican birthday party if;

1. Some of the guest didn't bring a gift, but brought an extra uninvited family with five kids.

2. When the cake says "Happy Birthday Mijo" instead of the child's real name.

3. The party is at Chuck E. Cheese but they brought their own food, cake and a pinata.

4. It's a child's party but there are more grown-ups than children.

5. It's "Mijo's" first birthday and the party food is carne asada, arroz con frijoles puercos, y 10 cases of beer.

6. For entertainment, instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, there is usually a televised baseball, football game or a live fight.

7. Nobody sings "Happy Birthday"; instead, everyone salsa dances.

8. The party was over at 5:00, it's 10:00 and the real party is just starting.

9. You find out from Abuela that Abuelo is taking Viagra and Chisme.

10. The host calls someone who's on their way and tells them to stop and get some tortillas, ice and more beer.

11. The guests start arriving and the hostess disappears to get ready.

12. You hear someone go up to the birthday child and say "Mira, tan cute! I'm going to have to get you something next week when I get paid."

13. The party is Saturday, and you get a call from the hostess Friday night saying, "I'm giving Mijo a birthday party tomorrow at 3:00."

14. Some guests bring gifts that are still in the store bag unwrapped.

15. There always seems to be more family than friends at the party.

16. You have the party over at your brother's because he just bought a new house and he has a pool.

17. The cake didn't come from the store; it came from the mother of the comadre of your friend's sister who makes really good cakes.

18. You are told to save your dinner plate and fork so you can eat cake.

19. Someone calls and says he can't make it, but asks that you save him some cake.

20. Guests are wrapping up cake to take to Madre, Tio, Abuela, Chata y el Junior.

21. You have a DJ for your child's birthday party.

22. The birthday child is dressed from head to toe in fake Tommy from the alley.

23. The birthday baby's daddy comes to the party and brings the kid he had before and after the birthday baby.

24. It's "Mijo's" party, but since his cousin Brittney is there and her birthday is in a few days, it becomes Mijo's and Brittney's Party.