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Wombat Creek
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Family, Food or Philosophy

A young man who was rather awkward and shy asked one of his older, more experienced friends how he was always so successful with the ladies.

"It's easy," said the older of the two. "The trick is to get the conversation rolling. I always start with one of three topics; family, food or philosophy. Any girl in the world is bound to have something to say on one of those subjects. And once you get her talking it's easy from there!"

The very next night the young man had a date, but in the first five minutes a complete silence had fallen over the table. Finally, remembering his friend's advice, he cleared his throat and began, "So, do you have a brother?"

His date replied briefly, "No."

That didn't go very well. She didn't offer any kind of follow up information at all. Maybe he would have better luck with food. ", do you like Chinese food?"

Again she replied just like before, "No."

Now he was desperate. The minutes ticked away while the young man racked his brains for some kind of philosophical question. Finally he said, "Tell me, IF you had a brother, would HE have liked Chinese food?"