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Wombat Creek
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Sperm Sample

When Bob showed up for his appointment with the urologist, the doctor informed him a sperm sample was necessary, and instructed him to go to Room Four.

Dutifully going down the hall, Bob opened the door to Room Four and found two absolutely gorgeous women clad in scanty lingerie. They proceeded to arouse him beyond his wildest dreams, and Bob headed back down the hall with a dreamy smile and a "terrific" sperm sample.

Realizing he had to pee, Bob opened the door to the first bathroom he came across, only to interrupt a guy frantically beating off with a copy of Hustler.

In the second bathroom a fellow was busy masturbating with the company of the Penthouse centerfold.

Back in the doctor's office and curious as hell, Bob couldn't resist asking the doctor about the other two fellows.

"Oh, those guys?" replied the doctor dismissively. "Those guys are my Medi-card patients."