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Wombat Creek
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Uh Oh !!!

Date at the door in his PJs: "I thought instead of going out tonight, that we'd just spend a quiet evening at home."

College student to traffic cop: "Of course I refuse to take your sobriety test. I haven't even studied."

Your plane is leaving the terminal...
The ground crew is all lined up, hats over their hearts

Daughter to Father: "Yes Dad, I agree women can make excellent doctors. I've made 3 or 4 myself."

Pickup to man embracing her: "My bra's up higher. You're trying to unbuckle my shoulder holster."

Mistress to Man: "Too tired again tonight ? You know what I think ? I think you're playing around with your wife !"

Best Man to Groom at altar: "We're setting up a foresome right after the ceremony, think you can duck the reception ?"

You've looked forward to the new temp starting as your secretary; When she arrives, you discover it's your ex-wife

Boyfriend to Father kicking beau out the door: "OK... but in a few months, you'll be begging me to come back."

You've just finished your annual physical -- The doctor studies the charts & says, "Are you an organ donor ?"

Mood music interrupted by a jingle in Honeymoon Suite:
"Smile... You're on Candid Camera."

Pickup to man after a long sexual session: "Please. No kissing.
I may still be contagious."

Father to Mother as he's about to spank a smirking boy: "Don't be silly. Where would he get plastic explosives ?"

Daughter to Mother: "Why is it all men I meet are either young and broke or old and bent ?"

You ask the girl you just had wild sex with if she'd like to spend the night. She replies, "Awww, why not ? Business has been slow anyway."