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StarTrek Taglines

A surprised Data is propositioned by the computer

A tribble a day keeps the Klingons well fed

Who's been roasting marshmallows in the Warp Drive ?

Be wewy wewy quiet... I'm hunting Womulins

Blonde Klingons... Because it was a good day to dye

Borger King -- your way is irrelevant

Captain, I need to kill someone (Worf)

Captain Kirk, you're staring at my breasts again (Janis)

Damn It Jim... I'm a Doctor not a Tagline writer !!!

Dax: just another slug with a pretty face

Eat triticale -- 5.56 quadrillion tribbles can't be wrong

Ensign Expendable, see what's behind that rock

Ensign Walnut approaches Dr. Crusher with caution...

Give her to Riker -- he'll make love to anything

Go Cry on someone else's shoulder, I'm off-duty (Troi)

He's dead Jim... Grab his wallet -- I'll get his watch

How come I can never find Troi when I'm angry at her ?

How do I set my phaser to tickle ?

I can't believe it... I've heard of this disease (Beverly)

I'm not Bajoran -- Sisko punched me in the nose

Janeway and 7 of 9 in 2001 -- the Logical Choice

Mister Worf, show our guests to the airlock (Picard)

Nobody knows the Tribbles I've seen

Once again, Odo wins the Twister championship

Prime Directive, MY ARSE -- hit 'em with everything we got

Scotty, hurry -- beam me out of he !@#$%^&*( NO CARRIER

Set phasers to deep fat fry

Sorry Rabbit, Phasers are for kids...

Stop that damn smirking Number One (Picard)

The Borg assimilated my race & all I got was this T-shirt

What a long, strange trip it's been