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Women One Liners

Happiness is having a beautiful women offer you a helping hand.
... Ecstasy is having that woman include the rest of her body with it !

Adam had it good. He didn't have to listen to Eve
... go on and on about all the men she could have married.

I finally figured out why God made man first.
... He didn't want Eve standing around telling him how to make a man.

If "Love", is never having to say you're sorry
... Then Alimony is always having to say you're sorry.

Let me assure y'all, a Kiss is not just a kiss
... A kiss is an application for a better position.

Anatomy is something everyone has but,
... it looks soooooo much better on a woman !!!

My girlfriend asked me if I would love her always.
... I told her, "Sure," Which way would you like me to start ???"

Personally, I think a "well proportioned girl" is:
... one with a narrow waist and a broad mind.

I told my new girlfriend that I loved her terribly.
... She replied, "You certainly do !"

Had a girl tell me that I had no idea what good clean fun was.
... She was right. I have no idea at all what good it is !!!

Women ! Don't you love how they stick to things ?
... This woman I know is on the 127th day of a fourteen day beauty plan.

Each time this woman met a man, she'd heave her bosom
... He'd just heave it back at her !

If all brides are indeed beautiful, like they always say,
... Where in the Hell do all these ugly wives come from ???

Nothing in the world is more expensive than a girl
... who's totally free for the weekend !

When a lot of women start in on a diet
... The first thing they lose is all patience.

When a girl has to walk the straight and narrow
... It's probably because she's built that way.

This one girl I know will sleep with just about anybody
... She's an Equal Opportunity Enjoyer