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Wombat Creek
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Bumper Stickers

No Radio - Already Stolen

Cover me:
I'm changing lanes

Me... : You...
Dinner... Motel...

I Brake For No Apparent Reason

Big Deal !
My kid beat up your honors student

Conserve toilet paper,
use both sides

Never mind the damn whales.
Save the people !

Remember you're unique,
just like everyone else

I'm out of bed & dressed.
What more do you want ?

Women who seek to be equal to men
lack ambition

As long as schools have tests,
there will be prayer

I get enough exercise
just pushing my luck

Your kid may be an honors student
but you're an IDIOT !

If we're not meant to eat animals,
why are they made of meat ?

Forget about Karma...
Visualize Using Your Turn Signal

Reality is a crutch for people
who can't handle drugs

Learn from your parents' mistakes -
use birth control

I'm not as think
as you drunk I am

Sorry, there Slick
I don't date outside my species

Real women don't have hot flashes,
they have power surges