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Wombat Creek
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There's A Hair In My Soup...

A man goes into a greasy spoon restaurant and orders a bowl of chicken soup.

"What's this?!?!?" he screams! "There's a hair in my soup! I'm not payin' for it!" and he storms out...

The waitress gets very upset at this and follows him out and sees him go to the whorehouse across the street.

He pays the madam and retires to a room with a lovely blonde and goes down on her with gusto.

The waitress bursts in and says, "You complain about a hair in your soup and then come over here and do THIS!???" the waitress yells.

He lifts his head, turns to her and says, "Yeah!... and if I find a noodle in here, I ain't payin' for it EITHER!!!!!"