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Wombat Creek
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The Camel

A major, renowned for having a high sex drive, is relocated to a camp, in the desert, 10 miles away from the closest settlement, to try and sort his "problem". When he gets there, he is being shown around, and notices a camel tied up to a pile of crates.

Upon enquiring on the purpose of the camel, the man who is showing him around informs him, "It is for the men. For when they get the urge."

The Major thinks to himself, that he will never lower himself to that level.

After a few weeks, the urge starts to build uncontrollably, to the extent he is walking around with a permanent hard one, that would break rocks. He cannot concentrate and permanently thinks of the tied up camel. One night he decideds, this is it, he has to do it. He sneaks out to the camel in the dead of night, checking no one is around, he piles the crates behind the camel, and starts to screw the animal.

After giving the beast twice, he reckons this is the best he has ever had in his life, and proceeds to screw it in every orifice on the camels body. Eventually, he collapse out of sheer exhaustion and passes out on the sand, next to the camel. When he comes around again, he is lying stark naked, on the desert floor, surrounded by troops.

With a big grin on his face, he exclaims, "That camel was the fuck of his life."

"But sir" Says the man who showed him around originally, "The camel is meant to be transport to take the men to town, when they get the urge."