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Wombat Creek
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Dumb Dog

A man is conversing with his neighborhood butcher, when a small dog trots in, holding some money in his mouth.
The butcher says, "What'll it be today? Beef?" The little dog shakes his head.
"How bout chicken?" The dog shakes his head 'no' again.
The butcher says, "Chops?" The dog wags his tail wildly.
"Pork chops?" Dog shakes his head.
"Lamb chops?" The tails wags frantically again.
"Okay, lamb chops..." The butcher cuts the meat, takes the money from the dog's mouth, and puts the wrapped chops in the dog's mouth, and the little dog trots off.

"That was amazing!" says the man.
"Oh, he comes in here every other day or so," says the butcher.
The man says, "I have to follow that dog and see where he lives!" He runs out, spots the dog trotting up the block. He follows him til the dog runs up a flight of steps to a house, gets on the porch, raises up on his hind legs, and rings the doorbell with his nose.

A man comes to the door, takes the meat from the dog, then YELLS at him and locks him away in his crate.

The man watching is outraged. He storms up to the house, and rings the doorbell. When the dog owner appears, the man says, "You know, mister- that's absolutely the smartest dog I've ever seen. He goes to the butcher shop for you, ORDERS the meat, PAYS for it, BRINGS it home, RINGS the damn doorbell, and you TREAT HIM THAT WAY?"

"Yeah," says the man, "That's the 3rd time this week he forgot his key!"