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Gold Bathroom Fittings

Bill & Hillary Clinton host a large bipartisan dinner party in their personal residence quarters at the White House, including a number of current and former members of Congress, former Presidents Carter, Ford and Bush, along with former Vice Presidents Mondale and Quayle.

After the introductory speeches during dinner, Vice President Dan Quayle excused himself to use the bathroom, one adjacent to the First Family's. After a couple of minutes, he returns to his seat, looking rather smug, but says nothing to his wife at the time.

After the dinner, as the Quayles returned home, Dan turned to Marilyn and said, "Did you know Bill has a solid-gold urinal in his bathroom? How can he pretend to be serious about cutting the budget after buying that?"

Marilyn's initial look of shock turns to a a sly grin as she turns to her husband and says, "We've really caught him with his pants down this time! As soon as we get home, why don't you call up the paper and give them a little 'insider' information, dear?"

"That's an excellent idea, Marilyn!" says Dan to his lovely wife. "You know, sometimes you're just too smart," as he leans over to hug and give his wife a quick kiss on the cheek.

The following morning, after the morning editions of the papers have been delivered to the White House residence, Hillary Clinton opens the newspaper over breakfast only to see a bold headline stating "CLINTONS SPLURGE ON SOLID GOLD URINAL SAYS QUAYLE" Shaking her head, Hillary smirks and shouts up to the bedroom, "Bill! I think I know who peed in your Saxophone!"