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Wombat Creek
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There were three women who's husband's had all died on the same day, and the same hospital. All three of the wife's met each other, and starting talking about what they were going to do with their husband. All three of them said that their husbands were going to be cremated.

The third wife asks the first where she's going to put her husbands ashes. The first replys "I'm going to go skydiving one last time, and then dump all of his ashes all over the place. That was the one thing that reminds me the most of him, so I'll do it."

The first asks the second where she's going to put her husbands ashes. The second tells them "Well, there's this one lake where we used to always go and fish there for many hours at a time. Yes, I think that would be the best place for him."

Then the second wife asks the third the same question as the other two. The third answers "What I'm going to do is this: I'm going to make a great big bowl of chili, with everything in it that he and I used to always eat, put the best and most expensive of everything though this time. And I'm going to put his ashes in it, and then eat it, so that he can tear my arse up one more time before he is totally out of my life."