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Wombat Creek
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The Bread

Two old guys were sitting on a bus bench when a good looking young blond with a short skirt got off.

One old guy says to the other, “Boy I sure would like to get a piece of that!”

The other old guy says, “Yeah, me too but mine just doesn’t work anymore.”

The other one says “Don’t you know how to keep that thing working?”

To which the other man replies, “No, how do you do it?”

The other old guys says “All you have to do is eat a lot of french bread.”

So the other man goes to the store and buys 100 loaves of french bread. When he got to the check-out counter the girl working said, “Don’t you know that is going to get hard before you eat all that?”

So the man replied, “Oh, you’ve heard about that too!”