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Wombat Creek
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An interstate truck driver was transporting computers to a well known computer store in Queensland for a sale they were having. Upon stopping at a roadhouse for a break, he was surprised to see a sign hanging from the top of the door:



The truck driver entered the roadhouse and sat down at the bar. The owner came over to him and said, "Say mister, you smell like a nerd."

"Oh no, that's just the smell of the computers I'm transporting," the driver explained.

Just then, a small guy walked in. He wore thick glasses stuck together by band-aids, Erkel-like shorts, and had a protractor in his shirt pocket holding 16 different pens. The owner pulled out a rifle and shot him.

The shocked driver looked at the owner as he placed the rifle away. "What did you do that for?" he asked.

"This is Queensland and it's open season all year round on nerds," the owner replied.

The driver finished off and left the roadhouse. Driving up the highway, he swerved to miss a Kangaroo and serveral boxes of his cargo spilt onto the road. Suddenly, a mob of people converged on the spilt load, everyone of them obviously a nerd. Angry, the driver ploughed through the mob, killing them all.

Later that week, when faced before a judge on 24 counts of murder, he asked if it wasn't true that it was open season on nerds all year round in Queensland.

"Yes," answered the Judge. "But you're not allowed to bait them!"