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Wombat Creek
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You Can Have The Deer

A man was married to a wife who bugged him every time he wanted to go hunting, which was only once a year. Finally, after years of nagging and beefing, the husband agreed to take his wife on his annual hunting trip.

When they arrived he took her about 250 yards down a well-travelled hunting trail, where no one ever shot anything, and had her climb up in a tree to await a deer. He said, "Here is your gun, just sit in the tree and try to get a deer. When I hear your gun go off I'll come back."

He got about 50 yards back up the trail when he heard the gun go off. He thought, "Oh great, what has she done now?" and headed back toward the tree.

As he returned along the trail he heard shouting. Further along he realized it was his wife and some man yelling at one another. He walked around the last corner and came upon his wife arguing with a man.

Just then the man threw up his hands and said, "FINE. FINE. You can HAVE the deer - just let me get my saddle off of it first. Okay?"