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Wombat Creek
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Hot Dog

Two guys wanted to go drinking, but they only had a dollar between them.

One of the fellows looked over at a hot dog wagon nearby, and had a sudden inspiration. He spent the dollar on a hot dog. He threw the bun away, and stuffed the hot dog down his underwear.

When the bartender asks for payment, I'm gonna stick this hot dog out my fly. You are gonna drop to your knees and start sucking on it. The bartender will be so grossed out that he'll immediately throw us out of the bar," said the lad.

They entered a bar and the gambit worked like a charm. After the seventh bar they were both extremely drunk. One of them started complaining, "Sheesh, I'm starting to get bad bruises from dropping down on my knees."

His companion slurred, "You think you got problems? I lost the hot dog four bars ago!"