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Wombat Creek
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A gorgeous young blonde woman gets sick and tired of men trying to pick her up in bars because she's beautiful, blonde, and so men thought she was easy. She decides to show everyone. She goes home and decides to smarten herself up. She decides to learn the capitols of all the fifty states. Week after week she practices until she knows them all.

Finally, she is once again ready to go back to the bar. She sits down and after a few seconds a guy comes up to her and starts hitting on her. It is soon evident that he just wants to take her home.

The lovely blonde says emphatically, "But I'm not just beautiful! I'm smart too!!" "Yeah, yeah. I believe you," says the young stud. "Now let's go." Again she protests. "No, really I am smart. I know the capitols of all the states." The guy starts walking away, getting sick of her. She follows him. "Really, go ahead ask me a state. I'll give you its capitol and show you how smart I am." Just to get rid of her, the guy says, "Fine. What's the capitol of New Mexico?"

The breathtaking blonde looks at him proudly and says. "New Mexico has two capitols: `N` and `M`."