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Wombat Creek
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Green Side Up

One day a woman decided to have all the rooms in her house painted, so she called a painter to come over and give her an estimate on how much it would cost. The painter arrived, and the woman brought him into the dining room.

"What color would you like this room painted?" he asked.

"Green," the woman replied. The painter nodded and wrote something down on his notepad. Then he went over to the nearest open window and yelled out, "Green side up!"

The woman thought this was odd but continued on to the kitchen.

"What color would you like this room painted?" he asked.

"Yellow," the woman replied. Again, the man nodded, wrote something down on his notepad, and went over to the nearest open window. "Green side up!" he yelled.

The woman was puzzled, but figured that he was a professional, so she shouldn't question him.

The whole tour continued like this; the woman becoming more & more suspicious each room they went through that the painter leaned out the open window and yelled, "Green side up!"

Finally they were finished and the woman couldn't stand it any longer. She asked the painter, " Why did you yell 'Green side up' out the window every time I told you what color I wanted the rooms painted? I don't want every room painted green!"

The painter laughed. "I know. I wrote down the colors you wanted your rooms to be painted. But I had to keep yelling 'Green side up' out the windows because I have a crew of blondes across the street laying sods of grass."