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Wombat Creek
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The Circle

There was this truck driver driving down the road, and suddenly this blonde pulls over and cuts him off. So he drives next to the blonde and tells her to pull to the side of the road. So she does. They get out of their vehicles, the truck driver drew a circle with chalk and told the blonde to stay in the circle and never leave it!

So he goes up to her car and takes a razorblade and slits all of her tires. The truck driver turns around and the blonde has a huge smile on her face. The truck driver was wondering why she was happy after he just ruined her car and she can't drive it now. Next the man gets a knife and completely scratches up the car so much that the paint is coming off. He turns around again and the blonde is starting to giggle.

He is wondering why she is laughing again, and by this time, the trucker is becoming a bit aggravated. So he goes and gets a baseball bat and smashes every little part of the car. He turns around again and the blonde is cracking up.

By then, the man is so mad that he goes to his truck and grabs a can of gasoline. He takes the gas and pours it all over her car and blows it up. The man turns around and looks at the blonde who is laughing so hard that she is rolling over on the ground.

The truck driver said, "What is your problem?? I just completely ruined your car and you are laughing?? Why??"

The blonde replied, "Well, because everytime you turn around I step outside the circle!"