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Wombat Creek
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Jokes by Number

It was his first time at this convention, and on the first day he heard someone yell out the number, "34!" Everyone burst out laughing. He thought that was kind of strange. Then someone yelled out, ""87,"" and again everyone started to laugh. This went on for quite sometime. Finally, he asked a co-worker what the number calling was all about.

The co-worker replied, "We are so busy that we have a book of jokes that everyone has memorized and to save time we just yell out the number."

That night the guy went home and memorized the whole book. The next day while at work the guy yelled out, "52," and everyone just looked at him strangely.

He went back to work. Someone else yelled out the number, "68," and everyone laughed hysterically. So, he yelled out, "29," and again everyone just looked at him strangely, so he put his head down and went back to work.

Later that day at lunch, he asked the co-worker, "Why when I yelled out a number no one laughed?"

The co-worker replied "Well, you know how it is, some people can tell a joke and some people can't!"