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Wombat Creek
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Deaf Genie?

A lady walks into a bar and hears a man playing the piano in the corner. She liked the piano playing, so she decides to walk over and compliment him. "Your a really good piano player" she says "Actually" the man says, "There is a 12 inch tall man that sits inside my piano and plays on the chords." "Are you sure?" Says the lady. "Yes, go ahead and lift up the piano lid and you'll see him," said the man.

So she lifts up the piano lid and sure enough, there was a 12 inch tall man sitting in there playing on the chords and he waved at her.

The lady then said, "Where did you find this guy?" The man replied, "Do you see that genie bottle over there? Just go rub on it and the genie will grant you one wish."

So the lady went over to the bottle and rubbed it. Sure enough, out pops the genie and tells her that he will grant her one wish only.

The lady then says, "Well, I've always wanted to be rich, so I wish for a million bucks."

All of a sudden a million ducks appeared everywhere, on the piano, chairs, tables and even out on the streets. The woman got upset and went over to the man playing the piano and said, "I wished for a million bucks and not a million ducks".

The man replied, "I knew that, did you think that I wished for a 12 inch pianist?"