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Wombat Creek
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Snake Bite

Two city slickers was trekkinG through the desert on horseback when they stopped for a break. As one was having a piddle behind a rock, a rattlesnake shot out from nowhere and promptly bit him right on the tip of his member.

Reeling from the shock and pain, he called his buddy. His buddy told him to just lie still and he would race back to the town they just passed, locate a doctor and find out what to do.

In a flash the buddy was off and very quickly he found a doctor. After hearing the predicament, the doctor instructed...

"You must work quickly, time is of the essence if your friend is to live. You must take a sharp knife, make a very small incision at the bite area and suck the poison out. Place your mouth over the wound and gently suck, then spit, suck, then spit. Do this for at least 15 minutes. Now hurry back."

The buddy rode back to his friend, who by this time was barely conscious. He asked weakly "Well, what did the doctor say?"

His buddy replied... "The doctor said you're going to die."