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Wombat Creek
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How to Skip Stones

(and 43 more of life’s forgotten pleasures)

By Eddie Bauer (Editor), published by Hyperion, New York

A book of simple suggestions that bring serenity and peace back into our lives – reminding us of the immense pleasure that can be found in little things

How to skip stones

· “Pick a suitable rock. Rocks with edges, bad. Rocks without edges, good.”
· “Bring arm back slowly. Stay low. Attempt to keep stone parallel with water’s surface.”
· “Let ‘er rip. Count number of skips. (Note: A “kerplunk” does not count as a skip.)”

How to watch clouds

· “Go outside”
· “Recline. Look up”
· “Watch as clouds become fire engines, poodles, shoes, old friends, etc.”

How to take a nap

· “Search for perfect tree”
· “Find snuglliest part of trunk for pillow”
· “Nap”

How to listen

· “Shut mouth”
· “Open seldom used holes on side of head (i.e., ears)”

How to skinny dip

· “Find secluded spot”
· “Remove all remnants of civilization”
· “Dive in. Acclimate to nakedness. Relax (this can take a while)”

How to watch the tide

· “Go to the seaside”
· “Watch – carefully – the point where water meets beach”
· “Determine whether the tide is coming in or going out”