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Wombat Creek
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Cold Bee

Once upon a time there were two bees sitting on a Miami beach. The 1st bee is frozen and shivering but the 2nd one is ok.

The 2nd bee asks the 1st one,"How come you are frozen?"

The 1st bee replies "I came to Miami from the Rockies on the moustache of a guy riding a Honda."

So the 2nd bee says "if you don't want to get frozen next time you can creep up into a nice hot place like a girls thigh, who is sitting behind the guy riding a the Honda".

The two bees meet again next year but the 1st bee is frozen again.

The 2nd says to her "looks like you didn't follow my advice".

The 1st bee replies "I did follow your advice and crept up to a nice hot place up the girls thigh but the very next thing I found was that I was back on the moustache of the guy riding the Honda".