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Wombat Creek
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Love Crushed Sex

The Darwin Awards
This is a true story...

Why you shouldn't trust the star of a snuff flick.

Florida's Okeechobee County investigators believe the death of Bill, 28, was related to his wife's habit of stomping rabbits and mice for sexual pleasure. Susan, 29, was sentenced to two years of probation and community service for the death of her husband Bill, who was found in a pit with a board over his body, crushed beneath the rear wheel of his sports utility vehicle.

Susan did not deny that she drove over her husband, but in her own defense she released tapes to the police showing her stomping small mammals to death.

Such "crush" videos are sold to people who derive sexual pleasure from the sight of death, especially at the hands of a woman. "It was abhorrent and cruel," said Assistant State Attorney Bernard Romero. "My first instinct was to seek the maximum penalty."

But Susan contended that she was an unwilling participant in the videos, and had been beaten many times by her husband prior to his bizarre death. Susan was charged in July with two counts of felony animal cruelty, which were later reduced to misdemeanors.

As for her husband, his death under the wheels of his car was presumably a loving sex act between consenting adults. But a man who would lie in a special pit while a woman he groomed for "crush" videos drove over him, shouldn't be surprised when he winds up holding a Darwin Award for removing himself from the human gene pool.