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Wombat Creek
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Old Man

An old man is sitting on a park bench crying his eyes out, booo hooo booo hooo. A woman walks by and becomes naturally concerned. She sits down next to him and asks if there is anything she can do. He replies "No, you can't help me, please go away".

The woman persists "maybe if you just talk about it for a moment you'll feel better".

"Okay", he says, "It all started about nine months ago when I married a beautiful 24-year-old graduate student."

The woman is taken back in disbelief and says "Is the age difference becoming a problem?"

"No, not at all," he says, "We have many things in common, enjoy each other's company, and share a mutual respect and understanding."

The woman is a bit surprised. She thinks for a moment. "Then what's the problem, she can't cook?"

"No, my wife is a wonderful cook. We have near gourmet meals every day."

The woman presses on. "Is she inattentive to your needs?"

"No, No. She's very sensitive to my needs. In fact, she even rubs my feet and night. My wife is an angel."

The obvious then strikes the woman. "Having some problems with sex?" she inquires with a blush.

"No, not at all", he says, "We make love twice every day. I've never had a more satisfying sexual partner in my life"

At this point the woman is completely puzzled. "If this is all true, what in world are you crying for? "

The old man breaks into a cry as he replies in a near scream "I can't remember where I live!"