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Wombat Creek
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Same Names

Laquisha went into the welfare office so she could receive money for her children.

The social worker says, "Ma'am I need you to fill out this form and list each of your children separately on these lines."

Laquisha agrees and returns the next day with her paper work, each line filled out.

The social worker looks at her form puzzled and says, "Ma'am, I don't think you understood, I needed you to put a different child on each line."

Laquisha responds, "yes, I did."

"Well ma'am", says the social worker, " every line says Leroy."

"Yes", says Laquisha, "all my children have the same name."

"Well what if you want them to come in for dinner?"

"I just yell 'Leroy!' out the window and the all come in."

"Well, what if you only want one of them?"

"That's simple I just call them by their last name."