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Wombat Creek
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Wanna-be Biker

A young man wants to join a biker club. He goes to the club and asks to join. The bikers tell him he has to pass an initiation first.

He says, "Sure, what is it? I'll do anything to join."

They tell him, "First you have to drink 24 cans of beer within two hours. Then you have to pull an abscessed tooth from a rabid pit bull dog using just a pair of pliers. Finally, you must make love to a 72-year old hooker."

He gulps, pauses for a moment before nodding and saying, "OK, let's get going."

They give him the case of beer and tell him to go in a room and drink it. They wait outside listening to gulping sounds and tinkling of empty beer bottles. Two hours later the young man staggers out of room and slurs "I'm done. What's next?"

The bikers give the guy the pliers, point him towards another door and tell him, "The rabid pit bull is in there. Good luck!".

The door closes behind the young man as he enters the room. The bikers hear lots of screaming, growling, snarling and the sounds of bones crunching coming from inside. After about an hour or so they suddenly hear the dog let out a big yelp and everything goes quiet inside.

The door opens and the young man comes out bleeding, bruised black-and-blue and with his clothes torn to shreds. He wipes off his chin, catches his breath and asks, "OK, where is the old doll with the rotten tooth?"