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Wombat Creek
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Sarah Pipiliny

Three nuns die in a car crash and are incinerated. They arrive at the pearly gates to be told by St Peter that they are a week early and can't enter heaven for another week. The nuns are a bit peeved about this as they have lead virtuous lives, so St Peter offers to make it up to them by sending them back to earth for a week as anyone they like since they can't go back to their own bodies.

So, they can have another week on earth without there actions being recorded in the great ledger against them. The nuns talk it over for a little while then agree.

The first nun asks to be sent back as Marilyn Monroe, St Peter smiles and sends her off.

The second asks to be sent back as Bridgette Bardow, St Peter winks and sends her off.

The last, a small italian nun looks up to St. Peter and asks to be sent back as Sarah Pipiliny. St. Peter has a look in the great ledger but can't find any Sarah Pipiliny. He asks the last nun if Sarah Pipiliny has ever existed?

The little nun insists and offers to prove it to St. Peter, she pulls out a very old battered copy of the Times, unfolds it and gives it to St. Peter who reads: