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Wombat Creek
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The Frog

One day a man who had a twenty-five inch penis, went to his doctor for help.

The man told the Doctor he's never had a meaningful relationship. Every time he was about to make love and pulled his pant down, every woman would take one look at his twenty-five inches and get scared to death. The man stated: I've heard comments like: "There no way I can take that thing in me" or "you think you're going to tear up my insides." Doc it's terrible. I've tried surgery, steroids restrictive device, I just can't take it anymore. I'm so lonely, help me!!!!

The Doctor said :Sir the penis is almost all nerves, it would be very dangerous to try to remove any length, there's really nothing medical I or anyone can do. To this the man started to cry.

The Doctor felts so bad, he asked the man did he believe in the occult? The man replied: the occult? Yes the Doctor reply and continued: Well what I'm about to tell you, you might think strange, but I heard it could work for problems like yours. Anything, anything said the man with excitement.

Are you familiar with the pond on Old Dutch and Elm? To this the man replied: "yes." Well the Doctor said quietly, if you stand right at the edge of the pond and look across you will see, on the far side of the pond, a Frog sitting on a Lilly pad. If you ask the Frog to marry you and the Frog says "no", you will lose five inches of your penis.

The man quickly while running to the door replied: " I'll try anything.

When the man reached the edge of the pond. He sees the Frog and immediately shouts: " WILL YOU MARRY ME?" To this the frog replies: "no". The man looks down and to his amazement his penis shrinks five inches.

He let's out a large " WAHOOOOOO" and thinks to himself, "five more inches I'll be fifteen inches and almost a normal man size." Again at the top of his lungs he yells to the Frog: " WILL YOU MARRY ME?" the Frog again replies: "no." And again five inches are removed from the mans penis.

The man is ecstatic and again thinks to himself: " Hmmmmmmm five more inches and I'll be ten inches. Bigger than some men but smaller than others. I will be able to lead a normal life, find a wife to love me and no longer have to buy custom underwear. Shouting again, the man asked the frog: " WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Just as loud the Frog responds: " NO, NO, NO."