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Wombat Creek
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House Dog

A puppy was sitting in a cage at a vet, confused of why he was there. Figuring the other dogs were there for the same reason he might be he decided to ask the other dogs. He turned to the dog on his right and asked him why he was at the vet.

The dog said, "Well i was just playin around with some friends of my masters and for some reason just couldn't control myself and decided to attack one of them. So they brought me here to be neutered so I'll be more calm."

So then he thought to himself, "Man, maybe im here to be neutered too." So, just to double check, he asked the dog to his left what his story was.

He said, "Oh...see i was outside playin with some toys in the yard when I noticed that the back door to the house was cracked open. So i went in. I ran up the stares and noticed my master naked bending over the bath tub. So I mounted her."

First dog says,"Oh. So you must be getting neutered too then?"

Second dog, "Hell NO! Im getting my nails done. I'm a house dog now."