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You Know You Are A Miniac When:

(A "MINI" is an English car, very small and sporty to drive).

You avoid carrying a passenger because it adversely affects your Mini's performance.

You work out your tax return by the number of Minis you can buy.

There have been more Minis in your life than women / significant others.

The Mini that you choose to drive each day is chosen according to mood / the weather / the colour of your clothes / which one is currently running.

You don`t consider going to holiday without your Mini, even if it means leaving behind the children / significant other.

You consider buying things that can fit inside your Mini.

You`ve moved house using only your Mini.

You`ve done IT in your Mini.

You only do IT in your Mini.

You do IT WITH your Mini.

You celebrate your Mini`s birthday.

You`ve bought your Mini a Christmas present.

You`ve imported Mini parts from overseas.

You`ve exported Mini parts overseas.

You`ve used the excuse " But Officer, my tiny little car couldn`t possibly go THAT fast" to get out of a speeding ticket.

You still own your original mini even it hasn`t moved for years and is quitely rusting away in the backyard.

You`ve considered making a piece of furniture using a Mini.

You have made a piece of furniture using a Mini.

You have credit account with your local Mini parts supplier.

You own more than one specialised Mini tool.