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Wombat Creek
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This is a Wombat!
WombatCreek is a text joke site. It has been designed to be fast loading and as such you will find very few graphics. Each section has 100 jokes which are all accessible via the "Quick Jump" button at the top or the links at the bottom of each page. Use the menu at the top to jump to any other section whenever you choose. Feel free to copy and paste into your email program and give someone else a laugh. Simply highlight the joke and copy to your clipboard .

Begin with joke number one...

Give Free Food
The Hunger Site
By visiting and clicking on the
"Donate Free Food"
button, the site's sponsors will donate food to the needy in third world countries.
Thank You.

Give Free Books
The Literacy Site
By visiting and clicking on the
"Donate Free Books"
button, the site's sponsors will donate books to less fortunate people than you or I in third world countries.
Thank You.
Broken Hill's Web Guide
The Broken Hill Web Guide has a listing of web sites created by people in and around Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. Learn a bit about this outback city and the characters who live here!

The First Ever Web Page
The Last Page

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